What color is the most popular color in 2019? What color is it now?

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What’s the colour now? There’s a lot of women’s favourite hair colour in 2019.


vintage rose powder

Fit: Colton skin

It is a subtle colour. It is similar to wine colour. This colour is becoming popular.

This red line of hair is beautiful, but it is difficult for ordinary people to digest, dark and dark people should avoid it, especially! It is recommended that beauties who don’t usually makeup well should not be picked, and the fresh face looks particularly lifeless.

Orange Hair

fit: Colton, Warton skin

What an invincible white! It looks a bit insensitive, but in fact, you can try on warm leather with a yellow tone!

It also goes so well in the summer that it completely removes the frustration of the winter, and perfectly dye your personal vivacity and cuteness! If you always colour quietly, suggest you try it!

Blow this colour and blow it up! Let’s think walking down the street won’t catch our eyes! Cool Girl Street Required!

caramel brown

fit: Colton, Neutral Skin

When you meet milk tea caramel, the colour, which gives you a unique flavour, is coloured like a loathsome and sweet milky tea, which makes you feel soft for a moment.


Aoki colour 

fit: all skin

This popularity is probably not only because the colour is permanently out of fashion, but also because the colour looks particularly good and can be dyed without bleaching.
This colour really has an eye-catching power!


Black tea

fit: all the skin colour.

The dark tea colour is modified from chocolate colour. In between natural black and chocolate colour, it makes you look younger without the frustration of black colour.

The black tea colour is always composed of calm tones, and the glossiness of the hair makes the colour look more Western than black, and the colour of the hair makes you feel like you’ve met your first love.

It’s the most everyday colour, so natural that you can’t even notice it with your new hair. Make sure you choose it with confidence!


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