Nostalgic burger shop 20 years ago airborne Los Angeles

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Good Burger Pop-up Restaurant

I’m not sure in the event that funny has become sеen by you”Good Burger” into the Niсk the kids’s Channel all of that ѕeries.

Recently, this burger store that brought infinite joy to the friends of the 90s on TV will open in Los Angeles in the form of a physical store! Click on a Signature Burger and the main characters of Orange Soda? Take a photo in front of the orange soda! Maybe you will see All That’s starring Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell! If you are a nostalgic old fan, don’t forget to buy tickets in time! (30 knives tickets include a main course: burger or fried chicken strips; side dishes: French fries or onion rings; and a souvenir)

7100 Santa Monica BLVD

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