Key Chain Diy-For Kids

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Why is the giraffe’s neck so long? In the beginning, was as long spotted deer’s neck. However, there are too many deer and little food. In order to survive, giraffes have stretched their necks possible, extend tongues longer, eat taller leaves. Slowly, grew longer, finally became what it now. Children, after understanding the characteristics of giraffes, can you tell giraffes? Tall, neck, look-out whistle-like eyes, non-stop ears, hairy horns on top head, a large mouth that stick out 50- cm tongue. I remember these, let’s make cute practical giraffe card packs!

Prepare materials:

Old card sleeve, colored sponge paper , cartoon eye patch, lace scissors, scissors, marker pen, double-sided tape.

Take a sponge sheet, with the ferrule cut contour, two rectangular times the width.

Stick the sponge paper to the periphery of the card sleeve with double-sided tape. Prepare white, blue and green sponge paper for use.

Draw the head and mouth of the giraffe on the white and blue sponge paper, cut and stick it on the front of the card holder.Use black sponge paper to cut out 2 small oval shapes for the giraffe’s eyes, and use markers to draw long eyelashes.Cut out 2 small circles with white sponge paper and stick them above the mouth to serve as the nostrils of the giraffe. The head of the giraffe can be decorated with some cute decorations, such as a bow .

Use lace scissors to cut the wavy shape on the back of the card holder. Attach a heart-shaped patch and write your name on the patch.

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