If you dye your hair for the first time, it won’t come out easily.

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The first person to dye well should be careful. What style suits you best?Generally, yellow skin is not recommended for dyeing with a cyanometer, and if the discoloration is slow, it is recommended to choose a dark color.

What color would women like to change their hair color when their hair is at its peak in summer?The veterans of the game are definitely rushing to popularity, so what color should the first person dye?These are recommended for better color and lower tone.

1.sandalwood brown

Anyone can easily digest this color.

2.bubble tea 

It is also called Barbie doll color because it is a light-colored gold color. Be sure to try on a cute girl.


With a little bit of berry color, the color is rose Purple, hair color that looks white even if dyed on yellow skin.

4.honey tea

A classy, stylish net red, linen brown effect and brightens skin tone.

5.green tea

It’s a nice, cool girl with white skin.

6.red rose

I think it’s the color that I love the most.Try when you’re young.


Luxurious blue-tone tone down color. It’s actually a lot like the blue black that’s in vogue right now, but it’s a bit colder and goes with white skin.

Yellow skin should be especially careful when choosing hair color. We always look especially good when we see bright hair color, but this can be a woman’s skin color and especially if she has bright skin, she can try a cold shade of blue and green, but yellow skin will add yellow and be negative.

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