AUTUMN Quick&Easy Make-up TUTORIAL

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Eyeshadow is one of these makeup techniques that takes time to perfect.

You likewise require a lot of persistence, and over time, you will master the method.

But in the meantime, eyeshadow ought not to be intimidating.

When appropriately applied, eyeshadow is probably one of the most steps that are foolproof your beauty routine.

Today, we will explore some eyeshadow tutorials that will come in handy as you master the technique.

Remember, lipstick is comfortable. And everyone can put some lipstick on.

After all, your lips let you know what lines to follow.

With eyeshadow, it is slightly different



Prime or create a base for the eye with your favorite long lasting primer to intensify the pigmentation and increase the staying power of any shadows


  • With a soft dome brush, apply Petal Pusher into the crease blending slightly above as your transition
  • Blend out any harsh lines using Confection and the same brush


Deepen the crease using Vintage and a defined crease brush


Pat Cherry Cola onto the inner and outer corners of the lid with a pointed crease brush leaving the center open


  • Pat Steampunk on the center of the lid using a dampened flat stiff brush
  • Run Americano on the lower lash line, diffusing slightly with a pencil brush


  • Run Fuji into the lower waterline extending  onto the inner portion of the lower  lash line with a bent liner brush
  • With a Zoeva 312 Detail Liner brush and the Zoeva Magic Moment Cream Eyeliner create a dramatic wing blending into the shadows.
  • Apply your favorite natural looking false eyelash and mascara to the lower lashes.

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