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How to fold an envelope. Want to leave a note or send a letter without an envelope?

Come and pack them in your own envelope! Here are some different production methods from simple to complex.

The video below is ready

I recommend this letter when you want to send someone a letter of love.The folding method is not complicated so anyone can follow

I recommend this letter when you send a to your parents on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.They will know your sincerity, it will be a pleasure to them.

Choose this letter when you send an of longing to a friend who is far away. You may feel that put your heart in feathers and delivered it to him.

Make a cute envelope.The sticker is a crab-shaped point.Follow the video and you can easily complete it.

This is a windmill shaped envelope, which contains another secret. You’ll be surprised when you open it

One of the easiest ways to fold envelopes. Various envelope designs can be completed. If you want to see more ideas, I suggest visiting my Pinterest.

I believe most people have folded the crane shape.Combining cranes with envelopes is generally suitable for invitations

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