7 Painting Ideas For Beginner- For Home Decor

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Are you looking for painting now? Today we have prepared 7 simple and beautiful painting.


1. A small amount of purple + lake blue + white, dividend + medium yellow + white

2.Ballpoint pen purple plus lake blue, purple + medium yellow, medium yellow + pink

3.Purple plus medium green mix a little black base.

4.Fan-shaped pens red orange yellow green blue purple mixed with white dotted flowers

5.Hook pen purple + yellow, draw a few birds

The first step, cyan + white, black + cyan. A small amount of purple + cyan + white. Purple + medium green base, medium green + medium yellow brighten.Finally, small board brush purple + pink, pink brighten.Hook pen black with red and cyan white to draw characters

Purple + lake blue white. The ball-point pen is painted in blue, pink, and white, the galaxy drawn. wet toothbrush dipped white acrylic to pull out starry sky.

House drawing:Purple + lake blue + white. Brown + purple, white draws the house

The overall method is the same as above, for specific reference to our video, which details how to draw.

Start with blue + purple + black for primer,Stain the color with a sponge.Draw a full moon with a small amount of white, use the toothbrush to draw starry sky. Draw people and stars with hook pens pink, white, black, medium yellow, lake blue

Ok, here are 7 works prepared for you today, I hope you can learn. More works can be found on my pinterest or youtube.

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