7 Amazing Art For Home-Paint Art

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Today we have 7 easy and beautiful Paintings for you hope you will like it.

Below we introduce you the steps of drawing. Finally there is a video tutorial

A very cool picture. The bottom color is yellow, white, blue, dark, blue and black in order, and then prepare a round basin for painting the sun. The color ratio of the sun is orange red plus orange plus a little white.Finally follow your feelings and draw a big tree

First, we divide a drawing board into 4 grids. In the first pigeon we used blue and white to make an excessive color. Use cyan, yellow and navy to make a color transition in the order.

Finally, based on your understanding of spring, summer, autumn and winter, paint the colors of the big trees and leaves you like to complete it.

First use a blue paintbrush to separate the boundary between the sky and the roses. This painting mainly depends on how to draw the appearance of clouds with a brush. Pay attention to the details in the video

How to draw a butterfly in the starry sky? You only need to prepare the sponge to paint the color and slowly take the effect of the stars and use the toothbrush to make the effect of the stars. Finally, the butterfly painting is completed

This cherry blossom painting looks difficult, but it’s actually very simple. First of all, you prepare the paint and rub it with the paint.

First damp the sponge with white and draw a circle in the center. Then use yellow, red, pink, sky and blue to photograph the clouds in order. Finished by drawing a branch with a brush and finally drawing a cherry blossom tree.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Watching the detailed video tutorial will make it easier to learn how to draw a simple picture.For more pictures and videos, please follow my pinterest

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