6 Nail Art Tutorial For 2020

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I believe you must be a girl who loves manicure. Do you want some new nail design ideas? Beautiful nail art always attracts your attention.

Today we have collected6 super beautiful nail design ideas for you, this nail art is definitely the trend for 2020.

Below you will find video tutorials on these nail designs that will surely surprise you. Also, you can follow my Pinterest or check out more nail design ideas in the Nail Art catalog.

This is a waterdrop design. You can design this nail art with glue. Simple and practical

Rose design. This one requires your own drawing skills. You can learn slowly with the rhythm of the video

Marble nail design is definitely the trend of nail design this year. Marble has a simple but complex texture, which is a very temperamental nail design.

If you like retro style, you can use the common sense of these nails

This is the nail design idea I will introduce today, you can also follow my Pinterest to get more nail ideas.

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