6 Beautiful Art For Home-Paint Art

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Are you looking for pictures to match your home? You don’t need to spend a lot of money painting, can paint by yourself.

Today, I prepared 6 paintings for you to decorate your house.Good beginners get started

Prepared the video

1.Mix the peach pink + middle yellow + lake blue + purple in advance at the nibirst and Purple + lake blue white Draw the sky, rainbow use to weaken the effect.

2.Draw clouds with white pen and Purple + lake blue, mixed white to brighten and draw distant mountains.

3.Part of the forest is purple + medium green, green-brown, yellow-white

4.Finally, use a fan-shaped brush: pink + white, purple lake blue white draw a flower field.

1. Draw out layers. The colours used are lake blue, purple, pink, medium yellow, and white.

2.Dark brown + purple Draw the mountain, then mix with white to brighten.

3.Brown + Medium Green Purple Used for the base colour. Use a fan-shaped pen to medium yellow-green little pink brighten the colour

4.Purple + Pink Draw the cherry tree, you can finish painting person and cat

1.Left: Purple + Peach, Peach + Middle Yellow + White and Purple + medium green Used as a base colour. Use a fan-shaped pen to highlight the colours in yellow, yellow-white, pink purple white.

2.Right: The upper part is blue-blue + lake blue-white. lower uses a small amount of purple white to draw snow.

3. Draw the galaxy in white and spray the stars with a toothbrush

4.Use the small board to brush purple + medium green draw tree, and trunk. Finally, draw the character you’re done.

The rustic style is suitable for every corner of the house. You can follow the video to slowly draw your own style. If you find it difficult, start with simple ones. watch my other recommendations. I believe there will be something like.

I hope you like these painting ideas and can follow my Pinterest A Fashion Star to get more paintings about home decoration ideas.

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