27 Nail Art Tutorial for 2020-Learn Nail design Step by Step

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Do you want to learn nail art by yourself? Today we have prepared 27 manicure tutorials for you. You can follow the video tutorial provided by us to learn how to make your own nails step by step

This is the familiar Mickey nail art. I believe no one does not like Mickey style. If you like cute style, you can try it

Do you like cubic nail art? I love the combination of marble pattern and cubic, you can own both luxurious and neat feeling.

It is a butterfly pattern nail art with a unique pattern, and you can change it to various styles you want with colorful colors. What you need to be careful with is that you need to do lightening in each order.

No one can hate flower patterns.
I hope you can complete your own style using various flower patterns. Various tools are all available on the Internet.

It is recommended to practice drawing flowers on paper in advance. This is a task that requires practice.

This nail feels like pouring art. The method of doing this is similar to that of pouring art, which can be completed with a little practice.

We have a nail art video for you, you can watch and follow along. For more ideas, please visit my pinterest.

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