21 Best Marble Nail Art For 2020-Nail Tutorial

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Do you like manicure? The new year should try different nail art. Beautiful nail art always attracts everyone’s attention

Today, we have prepared 20 nail art pictures and tutorials for you.These nail arts will be the trend in 2020.

Marbling has always been a style that women like.Many people are now inspired by marble to create super beautiful marble nail designs

Amazing lines, everyone can create this nail style on their own nails. You will see a video tutorial of all designs below.

Marble manicure requires 9 tools, basic color, texture color, detailed color, metallic color, detail brush, plastic wrap, paint cleaning brush, nail polish remover.

Once you have mastered the classic marble nails, can start experimenting. Below we selected some of our favourite designs, as well as products and tips that be used to recreate them.

Amber nails have a glassy texture and appear bright under the light. are transparent, as deep charming cat eyes.

Marble nails look very delicate. If you don’t like complicated finger paint styles, then choose this black and white simple marble pattern!

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