15 Funny Socks Craft For Kids

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Do you know you can make dolls with socks? 15 cute sock doll tutorials are prepared for you today.

You only need socks of various colors to make the following dolls

This is a big lazy dog. The lazy eyes look very funny. You can make your feet look huge so that they look better

Cute little cock, you can put it on your schoolbag so it looks very cute

Is it familiar? I believe everyone has seen it. It ’s better to use it with funny lines to make a stage play

This is a little sheep. It only needs black and white to make. The method is very simple

Little donkey in vintage clothes. Do you want such a cute doll at home to lie on your bed? If it were me, I would start making it right away

I believe everyone will love such a cute pig. Looking at its innocent expression, I want to laugh

This is a little seahorse. I believe many people will like it. Especially children will love it

Have you seen such a comedy chick? I like it so much. This production method is more complicated, but do n’t worry, you will know how to finish it after watching the video.

It looks sleepy. You can hold it before going to bed. Children like cute and kind expressions. If it is a gift for children, I believe this is the best choice

It looks like a monkey. But the smile is so sweet. The rest of us are introduced in the video. You can watch it slowly. If you like my blog, you can bookmark or follow my Pinterest. Thank you.

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