15 Easy Hair Braids Tutorial -For Daddy

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Today, we have prepared 15 ways to braid your hair. When you are busy every morning, do want husband her daughter and send school?

Your answer will be “yes”. You can let her look at the picture and learn how to tie hair. If he said that it is impossible to see pictures, don’t worry, we also prepared a video


It is important to be patient with pigtails. Please don’t stop halfway. The above picture tutorial reference can usually give your wife a try, and then surprise her daughter also a good choice.

Comb your hair to remove any knots and smooth it out. Use a large paddle brush to collect all hair at the hair all.

Secure the ponytail with elastic bands. Ensure a tight fit to keep high above or near the top of your head. Take a handful of hair from and wrap it around root hide elasticity hair. under hairpin, so that cannot be seen

Next is a video tutorial

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