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I have to wear a mask these days because of corona. It became everyday. But I prepared for you who can never give up makeup.

The important thing in eye makeup is how to mix different shades according to the situation.


Gorgeous and properly blended eyeshadow has a magical charm. The feathery eyeshadow looks as if it was gently blown on the eyelids with a small blast. But, as anyone who has ever applied eyeshadow knows, it’s not easy to apply. Trying eyeshadow looks like an art and craft project, not a masterpiece after all.

If you already have long and thin eyelashes, you can create a mascara effect just by curling. This is a principle that reveals both the white and pupil of the eye, and the upper eyelashes extend in the vertical direction of the eye to make them look round and clear.

These pinker cut creases are actually very easy. You can add more eye appeal by wearing lenses. An easy and festive look for the new year.

STEP 1 Check the curvature Check the curvature of the eyelash color to see if it fits your eye shape. If you close your eyes and place it on the root of your lashes, open it or if the length is too wide, use a wide fit product.
STEP 2 With the curling eyelashes tightly inserted between the eyelash curlers, gradually raise only the wrist and divide it into 3 steps to the end. If the shape of the hand is twisted, the eyelashes can be excessively bent.
STEP 3 If the part that touches the eyelids of the iron is heated with a lighter, the curls will be fixed by gently touching the eyelashes without pinching them.

There are things you must have in order to meet winter with a trendy face. Mascara and artificial eyelashes! Eyelash makeup, which marks the peak of full makeup, has become the basis of makeup and the center of trends this season.

In these days when it’s burdensome to wear colorful and dark makeup, let’s give points to eye makeup with Pantone’s’Classic Peple’ color.

Although the eyeliner color range is slow, it will develop in an increasingly challenging direction without using the traditional black and brown series. Departing from the existing colors will be the fashion of 2021.

Today, I will introduce you to here and then I will introduce you to the prettier and more colorful makeup. If you follow my pinterest, I would be more grateful.

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