11 Easy drawing Create character tutorials-Pen art

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Do you want to draw a cute character? If you like painting, master the picture hack.

We have collected 11 easy character drawing tutorials and picture hacks for you today. This is a simple and cute piece.You can see the full VEDIO tutorial in the  below.

           Very cute character. You can easily draw these characters with your child.

You can complete all of these with color pens.

A contrasting picture of a child hoping for love and giving can explain how to give be loved

It is a state of sorrow. When you are hurt, must not relieve sadness in the wrong way.

You can teach your child to go to school with a picture that male student should treat her care and good manners instead of tormenting the female student.

Your child may have a lot of food, and naturally, give her advice while drawing this picture.

Do not try to hide your sadness. The expression can lie but the heart is honest

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