10 Nail Art Design For Winner

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This winter is much warmer than in previous years. We can bring all kinds of choices to our nails as usual.

Today we have prepared 20 winter nail designs. Hope there is something you like

1.Christmas Arylic Nail


Shiny pure white nail art brings you the feeling of winter. Just use pink and star powder to create a noble feeling.

2.Dazzling gel nails

You can make your own style at home .You need a nail fileNails,LED light (ultraviolet),Bonding Poland, Foundation gel, Colored gel,Gel sealing machin, Nail cleaner,Cuticle oil For detailed methods, you can refer to bodybedazzle

3.Green ghost style

Shake Glitter-Prism Series Expressed a dreamy atmosphere.It also feels like an aurora in the night sky.Even alluring feeling!!

4.White Sugar Nail Art

It’s like a white sugar nail art. It looks like it’s contained in white snow.From gloss to matte to gradient to glitter and sequins, the range of choices is very wide.

5.Pink Gold Line Nail Art

You have to consider sparkling nail art in winter! Whether it’s coffin nails, short nails, almond nails or round nails. When you go on a date, go shopping with friends or in the city, or even a festival celebration, nails with sequins can make you look more perfect.

6.Winter bride manicure

This manicure is simple and elegant. Very suitable for married women. The appearance of a ring inlaid on the finger metaphor that he about to get married.

7.Waiting for spring

When winter comes, we will look forward to the warm spring. This manicure brings a touch of warmth in the cold winter

8.Sexy red nail art

Wearing a nice black coat in winter and red nails is undoubtedly a weapon of charm. In winter, red gives people a strong sense of dazzling, you can try boldly

9.Christmas nails

Christmas-related nail art is indispensable in winter. We can choose various styles. Although they are almost the same, no one cares about it at this time

10.Marble nails

I think marble nails are also very suitable for creating various styles in winter. Marble is as cool and cold as winter.

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