10 Diy Ideas- Sock Crafts For Kids

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Today we collected 10 DIY Sock craft Ideas for  kids, If you’re interested in a rag doll, give it try.

You will definitely have a pair of socks at home, please see the tutorial video below.

It is a cute cat rag doll. Black and white socks are required for the preparation, I recommend sleeping socks , Cut the cat’s face into paperboard and cut it socks.

The look is a cute doll, the preparations are simple, but you need to make clothes and limbs in advance.

It is not hard to make gorilla form. You need to control the amount of cotton you put in your socks, which most exciting doll for a boy.

It’s a cute giraffe doll, and the way to make it is almost all animals are similar, you need to sew well get details.

As you can see in the video where you need to prepare for socks + cotton + sewing, here it is better to use cheap socks or old socks that you want to throw away

If you want to see the video of doll making, click on my Pinterest individual videos. 

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